Devika Creations understands that your company's brand and brand identity is a powerful asset and can be as important as the goods or services it produces. A strategic application of a strong visual identity across many types of media generates customer front-of-mind recognition. A recognised and trusted brand ensures customers feel confident that your company is dependable. This is why successful businesses work hard at building their brands and present them in a clear and consistent way.


In today's world, your online presence is a reflection of your company and the way you do business. In every industry companies strive to exceed customer expectations with a desire to achieve advantage over their competitors. Devika Creations will deliver a professionally designed, mobile responsive website to provide your business with a strong competitive edge. We ensure your website supports your company's vision, brand and values in order to attract new customers and expand your client base.


1. Project

1. Project Initiation

2. Research
& Strategy

2. Research & Strategy

3. Concept
& Design

3. Concept & Design

4. Develop
& Implement

4. Develop & Implement

5. Presentation
& Refinement

5. Presentation & Refinement

6. Production
& Launch

6. Production & Launch


Devika Creations is a boutique agency complete with a dedicated and talented team who boast the perfect mix of creative and tech.

Over the years we’ve seen large corporations access and benefit from the unlimited resources made available to them. To level the playing field for all sized companies, Devika Creations have simplified the process of brand and web development so we can invest more time and energy in making you shine.

Devika Creations strives to produce creative and innovative solutions relevant for your business's return on investment. We use the latest technology and effective communication to enable your vision and assist in growing your customer base and reputation.

Our team at Devika Creations believe "You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology - not the other way around" (Steve Jobs).

Whether you're a start-up or an existing business, Devika Creations have the knowledge, expertise and passion to drive your business forward and maintain momentum.

Building the right functionality for your e-business needs should not stand alone - a strong brand presence and good design identity go hand-inhand with good business.

In doing so, Devika Creations partner with the world's best and well-known providers to enable technology within companies and help facilitate efficiencies and growth. We also tailor solutions for niche markets such as the automotive locomotion, finance/accounting, and the entertainment industry to name a few.

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Ken Kencevski

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Justin Marchant

Creative & Design

Trent Thomas

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